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About Ange - Wedding Celebrant

what you need to know

Hello, I'm the wedding celebrant at Love by Ange, and I specialise in creating simple and elegant micro weddings that celebrate love in its purest form.

Why Micro weddings?

They are intimate and it focuses on the couple’s story & their commitment for one another. It’s simple, strips away the unnecessary, focusing on the couple’s connection.

Your Love Story is My Inspiration

I love getting to know couples, their personalities, values, shared dreams and the promise of a why they want to be together.

As a wedding celebrant, I’m the storyteller, delivering the couple’s story in locations of significant value, whether it’s in their back garden, cozy fire exchange or a serene beachside gathering. I’m dedicated to creating an atmosphere that feels right for the couple.

As a Wedding Celebrant, I’ll work with you to create a wedding ceremony that is

-          Meaningful and a reflection of your love story

-          Stress free

-          Personal

-          Done your way

All you need to do is enjoy yourselves and savour every moment of your special day!

If you are just as excited as I am to talk about your wedding, click on this button below to organise a time for us to chat!


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