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Love by Ange

I love to create wedding ceremonies that are simple yet stylish, where love takes centre stage, uniting two loves into one beautiful story.

Specialising in crafting wedding ceremonies that blend simplicity with style, where your love story remains at the heart of it all. 


My approach is all about creating moments of genuine connection, where simplicity is not a compromise - it's an enhancement of elegance. 


By stripping away the unnecessary, this allows your love to shine through, to create a day that truly reflects your unique bond.  A day that is unforgettable, enjoyable, and fun experience for you and your loved ones.

It is an honour for me to be a part of your wonderful celebration!  


Let's work together to bring your wedding to life, capturing the essence of your love on a day you'll always remember.

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Marry You

Let's make your love story happen. Here's how we can work together. 

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No Frills, Just Love


*limited time price only!

Normally $1200

Offer Expires Dec 29, 2023

Simple low key ceremony. 

  • Up to 3 pre-wedding e-meetings to guide you through the process for all the legal stuff.

  • I'll be in touch with you every step of the way.

  • Officiating your ceremony, with your two besties as witnesses at your chosen place, as you make your promises to each other.

  • The official signing to formalise you're legally married!

  • I will take care of the required lodging and completed documentation.

  • Note: Price valid for the Greater Sydney Metro region only. 

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Still Love, With Song


*limited time price only!

Normally $1999

Offer Expires Dec 29, 2023

Simple low key ceremony with live music

  • You'll get everything in the Just The Ceremony Package

  • PLUS a solo acoustic musician.  

  • Not only will you have your perfect intimate ceremony, but you will be crooned to, as you both walk down the aisle, sign the papers and announce your new lives in love together.

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Different Kinda Love

Price available on application

customised to your needs

Want something different?

  • Let me know what you have in mind and let's see what we can create for you on your special day.

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